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Lingjing Wang started studying medadvice slots up casino violin with her father at the tender age of 5.  It only took one year before her talents caught the ear of the Dean of Music at Northwest University of Nationalities in Lanzhou, China.  Professor Shumin https://it.medadvice.net/ slots up Li took over Lingjing’s training for the next seven years. Meanwhile, she studied music theory at Jinhua music school, an affiliate of Northwest Normal University.

In 1993, she competed in her first competition and won first place. She had played in Lanzhou No.1 middle school student symphony orchestra as concert master for 6 years. When Lingjing reflects on her time as such a young concert master, she fondly recalls a visit to Hungary.

In 1997 Lingjing Wang was honored to be invited to perform a solo violinist piece for vice-president Lanqin Li.

In 1999, Lingjing Wang was accepted to the prestigious Beijing Tsinghua University.

In 2002, She attended the college music festival in Tokyo, Japan with Tsinghua University Symphony Orchestra. Tsinghua University Symphony Orchestra is the only Chinese Symphony Orchestra that had been invited to this music festival. All the student musicians had been invited to visit Sony music foundation and Sony entertainment world as well.

From 2008 to 2010, She won first place in the Gansu violin professional competition and third place in the Zhejiang violin professional competition. Lingjing worked for Hangzhou Drama and Dance theater symphony Orchestra.

2011 Lingjing Wang was admitted to Pennsylvania State University school of music, Professional performance program. She studied under renowned professor Max Zorin.

2012 she continued her studies at Lock Haven University, Pennsylvania for Bachelor of Fine Arts. She studied under professor Melissa Becker.

2013 and 2014, She won the Krevesky-Dosey Scholarship for young artist, the only two-time recipient.

Lingjing currently lives in Charlotte North Carolina where she freelances for CPCC opera Symphony Orchestra and LDS concerts each year.  As the music director for Charlotte Chinese Academy, and a member of the American String Teachers https://it.medadvice.net/ slots up Association, Lingjing perennially has students placing amongst the ranks of American Student Teachers Associations (ASTA) Certificate Advancement Program. Lingjing also spends time as a private violin instructor at Charlotte Community school of Music.

Our Approach

We think that teaching violin is not only a career, but also a “religion”, a “life style”. We are spreading the truths and believes of violin teaching that medadvice slots up casino we knew to the students sincerely like a missionary on their mission, so that they appreciate the truths and believes of violin teaching.

Meet the Team

Yamin Wang

He has been teaching violin for more than 30 years. Many of his students are playing in symphonies. He is a board member of musician association of Gansu province China.


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